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Virtual Laboratory for e-Science
The Proof-of-Concept Distribution

PoC R3.1 Distribution

Release Notes for the PoC R3.1, build 12

This document contains the release notes for the PoC distribution R3.1.

Release 3.1

The VL-e Proof-of-Concept software distribution is a collection of tools for e-science on the grid, especially for use in the VL-e project. This collection is composed of open source tools and in-house developments to support the broad range of sciences that VL-e embraces. The PoC distribution is meant both for the grid infrastructure (worker nodes) and for user interface machines, to make sure the same versions of the software are used everywhere.

Although some tools were developed within the VL-e project, most are repackaged versions of third party software.

Changes for R3.1 build 12 (2010-06-10)

The following packages were updated:

Changes for R3.1 build 11 (2010-03-18)

The following packages were updated:

R3.1 build 8 (2009-10-07; initial R3.1 release)


When you discover a bug, please report it to: software@biggrid.nl

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