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Virtual Laboratory for e-Science
The Proof-of-Concept Distribution

PoC Software Distribution

About the PoC software distribution

The VL-e Proof-of-Concept software distribution is a collection of tools for e-science on the grid, especially for use in the VL-e project. This collection is composed of open source tools and in-house developments to support the broad range of sciences that VL-e embraces. The PoC is meant both for the grid infrastructure (worker nodes) and for user interface machines, to make sure the same versions of the software are used everywhere.

The PoC software collection is updated every 9 to 12 months. The exact versions of each software package that goes in are decided by the VL-e Integration Team.

This is the second official release of the PoC software, or simply PoC R2. The contents of this release are listed here. The software has been bundled as an apt-getable or yum-installable repository of RPM packages. This bundle can be installed on any Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 compatible distribution.

The full set of the PoC software is obtained by installing the vle2-ui meta-RPM; a subset without the GUI tools more attuned to worker nodes is covered by the vle2-wn meta-RPM.

The latest release of the PoC R2 is R2.1 Build 14 (Release Notes). The build number can be determined by running

  rpm -q vle2

which will return vle2-2.1-14vle, where the build number is highlighted.

Installation instructions

You can install the PoC with yum for RHEL4 (compatible) systems. You can download and install the PoC with apt-get for RHEL3 (compatible) systems. Details can be found on the installation page.

You can also save the trouble and install a virtual machine image with a ready-to-go installation.

You may browse the entire repository.


There is a User’s Guide for PoC R2.

Where to get support


This section lists the updates of the PoC R2. To install updates, see the installation instructions.

Nimrod 3.2
Added missing Nimrod agents.
R 2.4.0
New package naming
All PoC packages have been renamed to allow easier integration with Quattor, the fabric management tool used at Nikhef.
RHEL3 & 4 support
The exact same set of packages is released for both RHEL3 and RHEL4 32bit compatible platforms.
jdk 1.5
This version of PoC R2 relies solely on JDK 1.5 to avoid conflicts with the (now obsolete) J2SDK 1.4.

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